The Print Shop

Since the ninth century, screen printing, also known as silk screening and serigraphy, has been employed by a variety of creative practitioners to produce a myriad of works ranging from posters to paintings, advertisements, decorative wallpaper, subversive fashion, and political ephemera. Taking advantage of this inexpensive and versatile method of image making, makers the world over helped to shape the visual vernacular of our time through the use of screen printing.

Exploring both the history and contemporary uses of screen printing, the Museum of Arts and Design creates its very own custom screen printing studio, The Print Shop. Staged within the 6th floor Open Studios, The Print Shop assembles historic items with contemporary works to showcase the legacy of this unique technique across the art and design spectrum.  Centered around a fully functioning printing studio designed and constructed by Brooklyn based industrial designer François Chambard of UM Project, The Print Shop is home to a series of live demonstrations and hands-on workshops revealing the process of this continually evolving medium.  

Gathering together many of the innovations and applications of this process, The Print Shop explores how screen printing has fostered breakthroughs in many creative disciplines.

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