Accessibility at MAD

MAD strives to be a welcoming experience for visitors of all abilities.

MAD offers complimentary or discounted admission to people with disabilities and their accompanying caregivers. The Museum also offers a $15 discount on Individual and Dual/Family memberships. 

  • The Museum is fully accessible for visitors with wheelchairs and wheelchair-accessible seating is available for all MAD events. 
  • All floors of the Museum are accessible by elevator. The Museum lobby is on the ground level with direct access to the street via one automated door. Accessible, gender-inclusive restrooms are located on the Theater Level and Floors 6 and 7.
  • Lightweight, portable stools are available at the admissions desk.
  • Manual wheelchairs are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the admissions desk in the lobby. 
  • Interpretive videos in our galleries are captioned.
  • The Theater at MAD supports Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs), which are available upon request.  The door to the Theater is propped open during seating for public programs and there are no steps.  
  • There is one door to enter the sixth-floor classroom, which is wheelchair accessible.
  • ASL-English interpretation is available for public programs and events upon request, contingent upon the availability of interpreters. To place a request, please contact
  • On the MAD Mobile Guide available on the Bloomberg Connects app, accessibility features include:
    • a verbal description tour of the exhibition Craft Front & Center 
    • verbal imaging descriptions
    • text scaling
    • compatibility with screen readers, T-coils, and other assistive technologies
    • VoiceOver technology for iOS devices,
    • audio transcripts, closed captioning for videos on iOS devices

Image: A verbal description and sensory experience tour of MAD’s Artist Studios

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