Roundtable Collective Now: Collaboration and Collectives in Feminist Art

Chair: Dalida María Benfield (Vermont College of Fine Arts; Harvard University)

Artist/Panelists: Salome Chasnoff (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Personal Hermitage Productions, and Beyondmedia Education), Celia Herrera-Rodriguez (Artist/Teacher), Davida Ingram (Seattle People of Color Salon), Jessica Resmond (MEI Collectiv), Beatriz Santiago-Muñoz (Beta-Local), Robert Sember (Ultra-red, and The New School's Eugene Lang College), Sasha Sumner (Hungry March Band, Pratt Institute, and the Pedagogy Group)

Collectivity pluralizes authorship, re-centers communal processes of cultural production, and co-creates worlds. And yet, the collective now is both a lived reality and a distant dream. Thus, this roundtable will engage numerous questions on collectives such as what are the knowledges and forms of commons that are produced in contemporary artists' collectives and artists' collective practices, and what is the horizon of hope and possibility for a more just and equitable world that collective forms promise.

May 20, 2015


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