Collaboration and Collectivity: Collaboration and Collectives in Feminist Art

Chair: Kalliopi Minoudaki (Independent Art Historian)

Panelists: Doris Caçoilo (_gaia), Lauren Denitzio (Artist; For the Birds), Kate Wadkins (Writer/Curator; For the Birds); Dr. Maura Reilly (University of Sidney), Ridykeulous (Curatorial collective)

This panel focuses on the role of collaboration and collective identity in past and contemporary feminist curatorial practice, in line with the current interest in the history and politics of feminist curating and collaboration. Bringing together agents of recent feminist collaborative curatorial projects and collectives, this panel hopes to illuminate the diverse ways in which collaboration and collectivity underpin radical feminist exhibition making, while questioning their challenges and promises for future feminist political action in the arts, including effective feminist curating.

May 20, 2015


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