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Film Series | God Help Me: Gregg Araki

Navigating adolescent transformation, alternative models for sexuality and love, alien visitors, and the effects of HIV/AIDS on Generation X, the cinema of Gregg Araki is an American creation like no other.

Utilizing an innovative pastiche of the most influential of cinematic genres, from the coming-of-age to road trip to science fiction, Araki emerged from the New Queer Cinema movement to craft a body of groundbreaking films that continue to reverberate with a unique mixture of optimism and pessimism that have come to define the turn of the twenty-first century.

The first American retrospective of his work, God Help Me: Gregg Araki, presents a survey of films selected by Araki himself, including his rarely seen early work Three Bewildered People in the Night (1987), the never-aired MTV pilot This is How the World Ends (2000), the complete Teenage Apocalypse trilogy, and a rare master class with Araki.

Taking audiences on a turbulent and thrilling ride through celebrity mania, doomsdays, sexual awakenings, neo-Nazis, and teenage wastelands, Araki’s daring cinematic voice has crafted a complex pop portrait of adolescent America as it transitioned into a new millennium.



God Help Me: Gregg Araki is organized by Jake Yuzna, Director of Public Programs.


 The Living End, image courtesy Strand Releasing
 This is How the World Ends, image courtesy MTV Networks
 Three Bewildered People in the Night, iameg courtesy Strand Releasing
 Totally F***ked Up, image courtesy Strand Releasing
 The Doom Generation, image courtesy Lions Gate Entertainment
 Mysterious Skin, image courtesy Strand Releasing
 Nowhere, image courtesy Warner Brothers
 Nowhere, image courtesy Warner Brothers
 Kaboom, image courtesy of IFC
 Nowhere, image courtesy Warner Brothers


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