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Performance | Cheat Out to the Audience

Originally spaces for the viewing of spectacles dating back to ancient Greece, theaters have evolved into a variety of methods for directing an audience’s attention towards, or away from, subjects. 

No longer traditional physical spaces, theaters now exist across many areas of society, inlcuding the political theater, a surgeon’s theater, marketing strategies, and entertainment. All of these highlight the ability of the theatrical to shape learning and opinion through dramatic performance and engagement with an audience.

Exploring contemporary use of the theatrical in the shaping worldviews, MAD’s annual performance series Risk x Reward expands with seven new commissions that direct the spectator’s attention towards the use of the theatrical in politics, pop spectacle, fashion, marketing, and the arts.

Taking its title from the stage term for an actor turning his or her body out towards the audience, using sleight of hand to engage, Cheat Out to the Audience: Risk x Reward 2013 explores how we attempt to influence one another through performance, the motivations behind these displays, and who influences and is influenced by the action on today’s public stage.

Cheat Out to the Audience: Risk x Reward 2013 is organized by Jake Yuzna, Director of Public Programs.


 image courtesy The Museum of Non Participation
 9 Hour Delay, image courtesy Irena Knezevic
 image courtesy Katherine Hubbare
 image courtesy Alaina Stamatis


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