Fri, Feb 21, 2014

Here I am—Now—And then
In front of you
Within History

Over time—In time—Right here
In love—By love and uncertainties

With documentations
Others and mine
In Difference
Action—Enacted—Re-enacted—Later rehearsed.

(This is what I desire.)

We ask: Is your body mine?
She said: “this is a mobilization of aesthetics against anesthesia”

”I am the others”


In AFTER, REHEARSAL AFTER Malin Arnell presents her ongoing dialogue with the work of French artist Gina Pane (1939-1990). Oriented around textual and visual representations of Pane’s and Arnell’s inter-historical exchange, the work explores performance art documentation and historical narratives. How do feminist performance archives make you vulnerable, how do they make you feel, act, react? Whose body is present and whose body is lost?  

The expansive temporal scope of the piece extends over different phases, presenting an ongoing process in which history, documentation, body epistemology and solidarity are explored from an artistic and feminist point of view and methodology.

Film documentation of Pane's 1975 action, Discours mou et mat at De Appel Gallery in Amsterdam, will be screened alongside video documentation of Arnell’s 2011 reenactment, Reflect Soft Matte Discourse, performed in Stockholm. Included in the piece is a letter written by Clara t. López Menéndez recounting her experience on being part of the reenactment as “the naked body” listed in Pane's performance instructions. This text was included in the previous iterations of the action, Rehearsal after Reflect Soft Matte Discourse #1 and #2 (2011, 2012). 


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