Argento: Il Cinema Nel Sangue

Argento: Cinema in the Blood

The Museum of Arts and Design is proud to present “Argento: il cinema nel sangue” (Argento: Cinema in the Blood) a three-month retrospective celebrating the first family of Italian cinematic ingenuity.

Rejecting the corporate studio system, the Argentos have for over three generations taken a distinctly Italian approach to filmmaking by relying on family to collaborate on cinematic productions as producers, screenwriters, actors, and directors. The Argento film dynasty began in the 1960s with film producer/executive Salvatore Argento, but became a legend with his two sons, Dario, who started as a screenwriter, and Claudio, who first worked as a producer with his father. With Claudio and his father’s support, Dario moved into film direction, distinguishing himself in a series of Giallo thrillers through his sophisticated visual approach and technical prowess. (Giallo is a genre of Italian crime/horror fiction, which takes its names from the yellow—giallo is Italian for “yellow”—covers of the paperbacks.) The resulting films have continued to influence filmmakers, artists, and other cultural producers throughout the globe.

In 1975, Dario cast the actress Daria Nicolodi in Deep Red, and for the next ten years the duo became partners both privately as well as professionally . The Agrento legacy has continued on with their daughter, Asia.  Who, after staring in her father’s films emerged onto the international cinema landscape as an actress, staring in films by directors Sophia Coppola, Olivier Assayas, Catherine Breillat, Abel Ferrara, and Gus Van Sant, before helming her own works as director.

Spanning from March until May 2012, “Argento: il cinema nel sangue” showcases the rich visual tableaus, inventive cinematic techniques, and combined talent of the family Argento.


Argento: il cinema nel sangue is organized by Jake Yuzna, Manager of Public Programs


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