Veronica Guiduzzi

Veronica Guiduzzi was born in Bologna, Italy in 1963. She worked as a restorer of “custom jewelry” with the jewels collector and historian Deanna Farneti Cera and consequently researched for some of her publications. Guiduzzi also renovated ethnic jewelry. From those experiences she has been able to draw inspiration for her work, broaden her creativeness and develop her resourcefulness. She creates jewelry using all sorts of materials, especially plastic as it represents our period: it’s light, resistant, practical, colorful, multiform, fake, inexpensive, chic and shocking. While her source of inspiration can vary, she mostly draws inspiration from Dadaism with its objects’ “decontextualization” and the consequent bewilderment that affects the observers. Guiduzzi loves to create jewelry and objects with the intent to embellish, amuse and make people think. Her work is displayed in Bologna Galleria Terre Rare and at the Bini’s Gallery in Collingwood, Australia.

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