Sylvie & Christophe Tissot

At the age of twenty-five, Sylvie Tissot-Schneider created her first pieces of jewelry with emphatic sculptural lines and a powerful graphic quality. At the same time, she met personalities like Andrée Putman and Loulou de la Falaise, who encouraged her work, and was in due course involved with the collections of the greatest couturiers, in particular Yves-Saint-Laurent. The year 2000 was a milestone for her, taking over the Cipango Gallery in Paris, in Saint-Germain-des-Près.

In 2010, having become a frequent visitor at major European contemporary art fairs, she started focusing on the production of jewelry made by painters and sculptors, whose work she now regularly exhibited.

Christophe Tissot started painting in 1985. Attracted by monumentality— he produced his Lion Wall, a 126-metre/413-foot long fresco in Singapore in 2000; the creation of the Fleuve Mémoire/Memory River, a 30-metre/100-foot polyptych in 2006; and a commission for the production of a sequence of twelve large tapestries made in Aubusson in 2012. He also discovered a talent for creating artistic jewelry, as an extension of his other work. Since 1987 he has designed a large number of “cuffs,” made of gilded precious wood and bronze, which have become much sought-after by collectors.

Here, Christophe and Sylvie Tissot are pooling their gifts and showing pieces at MAD, combining the painter’s bronzes and Sylvie Tissot’s striking way of threading pearls. 

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