Petr Dvorak

Petr Dvorak was born in Český Krumlov, Czechoslowakia. He went to art school in Turnov, majoring in jewelry design. Dvorak later was a jewelry designer in Prague before working at an independent design studio in Vienna, Austria. In 2014 he received his MFA from the University of Applied Sciences, Trier/Idar Oberstein, Germany. All of Dvorak’s new pieces of jewelry open up a new world, either a new approach to the material used or a new relationship between function, form and color. In substantive terms, these forms of expression are the means whereby he transmits his emotions which, in his language of design, aspire to clarity, transparency and perhaps not comprehensibility. Apparent at first sight, they can be ultimately understood or as Ezra Pound put it, “only objectivized emotions survive."

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