Cecilia Borghi

As an Argentine ceramicist based in Buenos Aires, Cecilia Borghi is inspired by the way nature is present in urban environments. She finds the eclecticism of her native city especially captivating—the decorative details of many buildings coexist in strange harmony with contemporary constructions. Trained in fine arts, Borghi chose to become a third-generation ceramicist in her family’s porcelain factory. Working by hand, experiencing the texture and plasticity of clays and binding them together with cotton thread, Borghi developed a line of necklaces with ceramic pendants. Although the materials are all white, the warm tone of the thread balances the cold white of the porcelain and the bluish hue of the glaze, giving each piece a subtly variegated palette. The thread creates equilibrium, counterbalancing the porcelain’s weight and volume and binding it all together. Organic shapes, curves and asymmetry are intrinsic to Borghi’s work, which reflects her discovery that a very simple object can be a beautiful accouterment.


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