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Sensory Jewelry-Making with Emiko Shinozaki

Sat, Jun 15, 2019

Emiko Shinozaki

Presented in conjunction with Non-Stick Nostalgia: Y2K Retrofuturism in Contemporary Jewelrycreate jewelry that delights the senses with Artist Studios alum Emiko Shinozaki during this intensive workshop. The designer will guide participants in exploring touch-capacitive materials including conductive thread, malleable metals, and both gold and silver leaf to produce futuristic interactive jewelry that can be activated by sensors to elicit sound. Materials will be provided and no prior jewelry-making experience is required.

About the Designer

Emiko Shinozaki has cultivated her practice at the intersection of science, music, and craft, variously drawing from her training in organic chemistry and classical music, as well as her experience designing clothing, leather accessories, and jewelry. Compositional techniques including structural variation, retrograde, inversion, and repetition inspire and appear in Shinozaki’s jewelry.

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