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Emiko Shinozaki

2018 Artist In Residence

Emiko Shinozaki has cultivated her practice at the intersection of science, music, and craft, variously drawing from her training in organic chemistry and classical music, as well as her experience designing clothing, leather accessories, and jewelry. Compositional techniques including structural variation, retrograde, inversion, and repetition inspire and appear in Shinozaki’s jewelry.

At MAD, Shinozaki will seek to open a dialogue about the potential of innovative technologies in contemporary craft through a project based in epidermal electronics. Built upon research from DuoSkin from MIT Media Lab/Microsoft Research while using customized circuit boards and found electronic parts, she will create a form of interactive jewelry using thin layers of gold, silver, silicone, and circuitry. Each piece of “skin jewelry” and interactive wearable will be programmed to perform as a capacitive touch sensor to trigger music, lights, and video.

Shinozaki holds an AAS in International Fashion Design and a Millinery Certificate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as a BA in Music from Oberlin College. For more information, please visit:

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