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Talks | (Re)Forming Education

The research project (Re)Forming Education gathers together NYC artists, makers, educators, and teens to reconsider how progressive and radical possibilities for creative education can be realized today by exploring alternative models of education set within an intuition.

Reflecting on and building from models for education put forth during the educational reform movement at the end of the 19th century, (Re)Forming Education creates a network of local activity that extends throughout NYC's classrooms, museums, and studios to explore self-guided, hands-on, and socially aware educational approaches.

Presented as four components: an exhibition of original works that research and reconsider historic periods of alternative education; a paid internship program for NYC teens; free public discussions with artists and education professionals; as well as a cumulative exhibition created by the teens and the museum, (Re)Forming Education utilizes the museum as an experimental platform to foster open dialogues on how creative education can better be staged within the city.

Throughout this process, (Re)Forming Education considers what limits and possibilities exist for staging alternative education within pre-existing institutions, in order to foster a critical questioning of how to better implement the progressive forms of education that promote critical thinking and skilled making.


 Teachable File, Carson Salter, images courtesy of the artist
 NEO NY, images courtesy of the artist
 Mark Joshua Epstein and Stina Puotinen, courtesy of the artist
 NEO NY, images courtesy of the artist


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