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Founded in 2011, the website is an online platform for collaborative research. On you can collect and recombine images, texts, links, and files, and organize them into topical channels. foregrounds the connectivity and malleability of information, by allowing it to be reused and shared at any point. Information on can be reused in multiple contexts, while retaining a list of every channel where it exists across the platform. builds from the early developments of computer systems and the internet to champion anti-hierarchical and noncommercial forms of sharing information.

Utilizing MAD as a site for two public research projects that explore developing structures for information via the web, partners with artists Carson Salter and David Hilmer Rex, as well as the archive of the Czech philosopher Vilém Flusser, which is housed at the University of Art in Berlin.

Through these collaborations, will host a series of talks on new web-based platforms and possibilities for sharing information, transferring the Flusser archive to for free public access. Public discussions will focus on the history, current state, and new possibilities of informational design, and their effect on artistic process.


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