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Few directors have influenced film as Andrei Tarkovsky. Over the course of only seven feature films, Tarkovsky produced an enigmatic and poetic body of work that has helped revolutionize a wide range of genres, including science fiction, war stories, film essays and historical dramas. Working under censorship and a lack of support in Soviet Russia, Tarkovsky fought fiercely for a vision of cinema as unique medium that could sculpt time. Reconsidering the role of films in an age of increasing technology, Tarkovsky saw cinema as not merely communicating information but as “a moral barometer in a sea of competing narratives.”

Celebrating the legacy of this iconoclast, MAD presents Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time. Screening all of Tarkovsky’s feature films on 35 mm as well as behind-the-scenes documentaries, this retrospective reveals the process behind Tarkovsky’s groundbreaking practice and cinematic achievements. His work has helped to reshape cinema, opening up new possibilities to the forming of time and its effects on contemporary life. 

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