The Mirror (Зеркало)

Fri, Aug 7, 2015

1975, Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky
With Margarita Terekhova, Filipp Yankovskiy and Ignat Daniltsev
108 min, 35 mm 

Loosely autobiographical, Andrei Tarkovsky’s iconic The Mirror weaves together the memories of a poet in his forties as he lies dying. Combining breathtaking imagery, readings of the poetry of Tarkovsy’s father, the prominent Russian poet Arnsey Tarkovsky, newsreel footage, memories and dreams, The Mirror is one of the most unique films of an iconoclastic director. Barred from playing the Cannes Film Festival by the Russian government at the time of its completion, The Mirror has gone on to become one of Tarkovsky’s most revered works.

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