Thu, Oct 17–Sun, Apr 6

In exploring the ways digital processes have reshaped our relationships to art, design and making, the research project, ;) surveys recent innovative methods for gathering, producing, and arranging information in an attempt to render visible shifts in our ways of sensing and thinking.   

Presented through a combination of writings, interactive media, design, web projects and residencies, ;) reveals visual culture’s increasing dominance in daily life–a move that is altering not only what we make, but how we think and feel. We are growing more :) than happy, more :( than sad, and more :/ about the immense amount of visual information we encounter every day. 


;) includes works by: James Bridle, Benedict Drew, David Joselit, Enzo Mari, vvork.com (Georg Schnitzer, Aleksandra Domanovic, Christoph Priglinger and Oliver Laric), and Trendlist.org (Michal Sloboda  and Ondej Zita)



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