Nicoletta & Barbara Lebole

Nicoletta and Barbara Lebole are the daughter and granddaughter of Mario Lebole, who founded Uomo in Lebole in the '50s with his brother which revolutionized the world of men's fashion. Together Nicoletta and Barbara created a new line of fashion jewelry under the brand Lebole.  

Nicoletta often travels around the world to find the goods, to know and understand tastes and trends of other cultures and Barbara helps her in the aesthetic research of shapes and beauty at its most precious essence. The secret of Lebole Jewelry is to never get bored, always be curious, keep looking around to develop new projects and always have an open mind. 

The creative headquarters of “LEBOLE Gioielli" creations are in Arezzo, the family’s native city. The location is called "Spazio Lebole", the city center, exactly where Mario Lebole opened many years ago, one of the first branches of the fashion industry famous all over the world. The former industrial structure has now been restored respecting its nature but at the same time creating strong decorative contrasts that make it unique and trendy.

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