Lynne MacLachlan

A designer based in Glasgow, Scotland, Lynne MacLachlan creates jewelry that plays with light, space, and color to visually delight both wearer and viewer. Sculptural forms in vibrant colors produce ephemeral, shimmering optical effects through the interplay of layered, three-dimensional patterns. MacLachlan takes an experimental approach with digital tools, exploring and pushing their capabilities, using bespoke software and 3D printing to realize the resulting complex forms. Meticulous hand-finishing techniques, such as dyeing and polishing, elevate the pieces further. The recipient of degrees in aerospace engineering and jewelry and metalwork design, as well as a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, MacLachlan is currently finishing a PhD at the Open University, UK, researching how designer-makers find creative opportunities through tools and applying these strategies to multi-material 3D printing.


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