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Gail Klevan

Gail Klevan is a London-based artist and designer whose innovative jewelry has evolved by continuous experimentation with modern materials. She makes her jewelry with clear plastics, mostly acrylic, decorated with inks and dyes, metallic foils, and lusters; some pieces are sculpted, engraved, and textured. The surfaces and decoration refract the dense color with gold and silver undertones across smooth and sculpted surfaces, which interact with the organic curvature and geometry of the highly polished optical-quality acrylic shapes to create a shimmering iridescence. Klevan takes her inspiration from multiple sources, in particular the Bakelite jewelry of the 1930s and the wallpaper and textile designs of the 1950s. She undertakes all design, decoration, and assembly, and fabricates some pieces by molding, or cutting from block or sheet; others are cast or laser-cut to her specifications.

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