Angela Fung

Angela Fung is an established award winning jewelry/installation artist, designer, and maker. Born in Mozambique, educated in Macau and England, Fung studied piano at Royal College of Music in London. Injury prevented her from completing her music degree, but she was determined to use her hands for creative ends and began making jewelry. She finished her BA in Jewelry at London Metropolitan University. 

Fung has always loved movement in jewelry, especially the interaction between jewelry and the wearer. Her kinetic jewelry which combines industrial and precious materials (e.g. titanium/stainless steel and gold and semi-precious stones) uses cutting edge technology such as laser cutting, wire eroding, rapid prototyping and CNC routing. Fung has won many design awards. Her work is featured in various publications including the DAAB Jewelry Design, Mounting & Setting Stones (Design and Make) by Sonia Cheadle, and magazines including Crafts magazine, and the Craft Arts International. 

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