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Ana Hagopian

Originally from Argentina, Ana Hagopian moved to Spain in 1982.  She traveled frequently throughout Asia and South America before starting her first collection of paper jewelry in 1994, inspired by her travels.  Hagopian plays with paper, cutting and sticking it to create volumes and shapes. Her source of inspiration is nature and its infinite creations, its limitless colors, and its surprising textures. Paper is contradictory, provocative and humble because it is ephemeral.  Using it as a material has its roots in the philosophy of Arte Povera, which restores the value of the idea, intuition, thought and the individual. When Hagopian creates her work, she unconsciously seeks primal contact, the constant wonder of childhood, and the magical vision that transforms the prosaic and everyday into something new and marvelous. Her process is intuitive; through her hands she comes into contact with the material, which guides her towards the final form. One of her goals is to apply techniques and experiences learned over the years  to other fields such as interior and fashion design.  Hagopian currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.


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