Short Film Works of Godfrey Reggio

Fri, Feb 14, 2014

Anima Mundi
28 minutes 

In this short, 1992 film originally commissioned by Bulgari for use by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for their Biological Diversity Program, Reggio conjures a sense of the force of nature by following a path that goes beyond habit, calling forth a deep-rooted and archaic sense of man's animalistic roots. In its depiction of earth’s beauty and grace, Anima Mundi serves as a cautionary reminder by celebrating everything that we humans, with our sense of omnipotence and superiority, seem intent on destroying over time.


7 minutes 

In 1993, the Benetton Company invited Reggio to develop a new school to foster exploration and production in the arts, technology and mass media. Called Fabrica—Future, Presente, it opened in May 1995 in Treviso, Italy, just outside Venice. While serving through 1995 as the school’s first director, Reggio co-authored the seven-minute film Evidence, which provides another point of view to observe the subtle but profound effects that modern life has on children.


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