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Mordant: Food and Fiber with Victoria Manganiello and Kristin Kremers

Sat, Dec 1 / 1–3 pm

Inspired by the intersections between food and fibers, current Artist Studios resident Victoria Manganiello has been traveling the world to make handwoven tablecloths with local weavers and home-cooked meals with local chefs. She serves the meals in such a way that the food inevitably meets the cloth, demonstrating the color and dye potential of the ingredients cooked with the fibers woven. Prepared to leave lasting marks, Manganiello translates each dinner into a canvas, which then becomes an homage to the ingredients, fibers, and persons of a particular evening and place. Her collaborator, filmmaker Kristin Kremers, is documenting the ongoing project, entitled Mordant, in a film of the same name.

This exciting afternoon presents Manganiello and Kremers in dialogue following a screening of the most recent dinner, in Cincu, Transylvania. Manganiello and Kremers will discuss how tablecloths and the dinner experience connect to the lives of women around the world, as well as the intersections of food, color, and textiles as they differ across culture and space.

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View a preview of Mordant, featuring a dinner in Sofia, Bulgaria

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