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Martha Colburn

Fri, Oct 26 / 7 pm

"The uniqueness of Martha Colburn, to me, is the explosive energy and craft with which she brings up-to-date, and pushes further, the film form of found-image-collage established by Stan Vanderbeek and Dick Preston in the Sixties,” says Jonas Mekas, the “godfather” of American avant-garde cinema. He adds, ”she has invented her own techniques and language that permits her to fuse the grotesque images of our popular civilization as produced by our image industries, to make film songs of universal sadness of our times. Bordering on the outrageous, crackling frame energy, Martha Colburn films are naked testimonials of our times, and of her generations."

Fusing pop culture and political images with fantastical and painterly aesthetic this self-taught animator is known for her collage-style animation. Drawing on imagery from her vast collection of found footage, advertising from old magazines, pornography, puzzles, and her own artwork, Colburn utilizes an unregistered camera technique which give her films an urgent, chaotic sensibility.  Equal parts horrific and beautiful, Colburn’s works present an honest reflection on the cultural ephemera that surrounds our daily lives.

Works Presented Include

Zig Zag
1995, Dir. Martha Colburn
02:29 min, digital projection

Hey Tiger
1996, Dir. Martha Colburn
02:36 min, 16mm

Evil of Dracula
1997, Dir. Martha Colburn
01:11 min, 16mm

There's a Pervert In Our Pool
1998, Dir. Martha Colburn
02:30 min, 16mm

Spider's In Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical
2000, Dir. Martha Colburn
02:30 min, 16mm

Cat's Amore
2002, Dir. Martha Colburn
02:30 min, 16mm

Secrets of Mexuality
2003, Dir. Martha Colburn
05:00 min, 16mm

Cosmetic Emergency
2005, Dir. Martha Colburn
08:00 min, 35mm

Meet Me In Witchita
2006, Dir. Martha Colburn
07:00 min, digital projection

Triumph of the Wild
2008, Dir. Martha Colburn
08:00 min, 35mm

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