MADmakes with Dana Melamed

Thu, May 10 / 6 pm

Dana Melamed is driven by curiosity, and her work process is intuitive, experimental, and constantly evolving with the addition of newly discovered materials and methods. For this iteration of MADmakes, Melamed will lead participants in exploring the different textures that can be created from everyday objects, culminating in the creation of mixed-media foil sculptures. Visitors are invited to bring textured objects from home to make their own mark, and will have a selection of found materials to choose from. 

Led by MAD’s artists-in-residence, MADmakes is a drop-in, hands-on series where visitors can test their skills at art making and creative production. MADmakes provides an opportunity for visitors to better understand and appreciate the workmanship that goes into contemporary studio practice today. Visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are invited to create something new every month.

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