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Katya Grokhovsky’s Theater of the Mundane

Thu, Apr 26 / 7 pm

A live performance of choreographed gestures gleaned from everyday routines, Theater of the Mundane features Katya Grokhovsky, Sierra Ortega, and Angeli Sion. The three performers will explore the human condition and effects of greed and overconsumption while interacting with objects, video, sound, each other, and the audience, highlighting themes of urban alienation, isolation, and longing.

About the Artist

Katya Grokhovsky’s interdisciplinary process-based practice combines painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, and video to explore issues of gender, labor, alienation, displacement, and the self, often employing the body as a tool to interweave the personal and the political. Through cutting and juxtaposing found objects, she exposes the grotesque in the societal constructs of femininity and masculinity and scrutinizes the idea of the binary in the everyday. Grokhovsky is an artist-in-residence in MAD’s Artist Studios Program. Visit her in the MAD Artist Studios every Thursday through May 24, 2018.

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