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Design Your Own Kite

Wed, Feb 24, 2021

In this one-hour workshop for design students and emerging designers, MAD Artist Studio alum Yuki Iriyama Gray will demonstrate how to sustainably design and assemble a customized kite at home. Participants will work alongside Yuki and learn skills related to joinery, fabrication, and sustainability that are applicable across many design disciplines, such as furniture or interior design. 

College students and young professionals who would like to explore design and fabrication are also welcome! Everyone is encouraged to share their work during the session, or through social media. 

This workshop is co-sponsored by New York Institute of Technology’s Interior Design Association.  

Ticket purchasers will receive an email confirmation. Please follow the link under “Important Information” to complete your registration with Zoom.


  • wooden, balsa wood, or acrylic dowels (¼ size wide), or smaller dowels wrapped together as one. 
  • large paper like recycled Newspapers, newsprint, high-density woven material such as plain weave cloth, or recycled large plastic bags 
  • packaging tape or craft glue for paper kites
  • scissors or exacting knife 
  • light string such as fishing wire, or kite string
  • a pencil
  • optional for customization: crayons, markers, paper cut-outs, or any lightweight decorating materials

Note: all of these materials should be available in any art, craft, or hobby store.  

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