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1001 Ways to Kill Someone Using the McMaster Catalog: Demonstrations in Making Special Effects

Thu, Oct 2, 2014

Join designer Jeremy Chernick and J&M Special Effects as they demonstrate the possibilities of live and pre-taped special effects. Over the course of the presentation, Chernick and J&M Special Effects will present detailed examples of how and why an effect is designed, built, and implemented in a variety of circumstances and scenarios specific to film, photography, and live performance.

From basic how-to demonstrations to live examples of effects, this presentation will not shy away from the nuts, bolts, or blood of the matter at hand. From custom-built gadgets and gear to how to boil down very complicated scenarios into an achievable solution, this presentation will cover a wide variety of special effects.

Note: Presenters are licensed and qualified professionals who work within the most stringent safety standards of the Authorities Having Jurisdiction and by their own experience based knowledge. 

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