Craft, Art, and Design Circle

Deepen your knowledge of art while helping to shape the future of MAD’s collection.

Led by MAD chief curator Elissa Auther, the Craft, Art, and Design Circle supports the development of MAD’s collection through the acquisition of historic and contemporary handmade objects. Members will deepen their knowledge of the intersecting fields of craft, art, and design via discussions with artists, fellow Members, gallerists, and curators. With knowledge infused by enthusiasm for MAD’s collection, Members will ultimately help shape the museum’s remarkable holdings and strengthen MAD’s commitment to skilled making.     

Members of the Museum's Collector Circles must contribute annual dues of $2,500 per individual. Ninety percent of these dues directly support the purchase of art for the collection. To join, you must be a MAD Member at the Gallery level ($500) or above. Joining MAD’s Patron level ($1,500) is highly encouraged. 

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