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Film Series | Susan Hefuna: Vantages

As an artist of dual heritage—German and Egyptian—Susan Hefuna's work reflects her experience existing between two cultures and cross-cultural codes. Constantly playing with what images signify and how they work, Hefuna creates a dream-like space where viewers can attach a wide array of meanings to indicators of time and location.

Presenting a series of video portraits of the Edgware Road in London, the works seen in Vantages respond to and confuse the touristic perception of the area, frequently referred to as “Little Cairo” or “Little Beirut.” Defying these expectations, the videos pause to make in-depth visual studies of particular locations such as the Edgware Road tube station, Waitrose, the Lebanese café Al Arez, and the market at Church Street.

Through the use of surveillance-like cinematic techniques, the works reveal the Edgware Road neighborhood as a crossroads of different—and sometimes even competing—cultures and interests.


Works presented in Susan Hefuna: Vantages were a commission by the Serpentine Gallery, London in partnership with the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo as part of The Edgware Road Project, 2010 and are courtesy of The Third Line, Dubai


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