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Talks | Global Locals: Emerging Practices from Latin America Today

The term “new territories,” as evoked by Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce, refers to the state of making in today’s globalized society, a phenomenon that has helped to spur a confluence of art, design and craft.  There are few better examples of this activity found today than those emerging from Latin America.  However, what it means to be “Latin American” has increasingly become a complex paradigm. The influence of globalization and new technologies has created an emergent breed of artist, designer and maker who combines disciplines and travels within, and often simultaneously outside of, national boundaries.

Exploring this phenomenon, the program series Global Locals: Emerging Practices from Latin America Today presents the voices of a variety of artists, designers and makers who act as innovative operatives, responding to the local context of the cities they call home as well as their global networks. In this way they are not only changing the possibilities of making in Latin America, but throughout the world.


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