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Performance | Dance Under the Influence

Taking to the stage once again, MAD’s signature series Dance Under the Influence returns for another season of live performances by the top talent of contemporary dance.

From ballet to tap, modern to puppetry, and everything in between, Dance Under the Influence presents a series of evenings that survey the diversity of today’s dance landscape while revealing the inspiration behind each work.  

Directly after each performance, join the dancers, choreographers, and curator for intimate and informal discussions on the turbulent and triumphant journey each concept underwent to become a final piece.  Opening up the process of dance to novice and expert alike, Dance Under the Influence showcases the multidisciplinary works that have influenced the development and creation of the rich artistic practices found within contemporary dance. 


Dance Under the Influence is guest curated by Valerie Gladstone

  David Neuman - image courtesy of the artist
 John Heginbotham, 2012, photo by LizaVoll, courtesy Jacobs Pillow Dance
 Blakeley McGuire, image courtesy Julie Lemberger
 Rashaun Mitchell, image courtesy of the artist
 Jared Angle, photo by Paul Kolnik
 Decadance Theater, image courtesy of the artist
 Doug Elkins, image courtesy Whitney Browne, Jacob
 Basil Twist, image by Josef Astor
 Ramya Ramharayan, image by P N Srinivasan
 Molissa Fenely, image by Taylor Crichton and courtesy Jacobs Pillow Dance
 Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, image by Eduardo Patino
 ABT Studio Company, image by Rosalie O
 Zack Winokur, image by Michael Hart
 Susan Marshall & Company, image courtesy of the artist


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