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The Store at MAD Commissions Artists to Create Unique Paper Products in Conjuntion with Museum's Upcoming Exhibition 'Slash: Paper Under the Knife'

Works by artists Mia Pearlman, Rob Ryan, and Beatrice Coron sold exclusively at the Store beginning October 7, 2009

Also available are dynamic do-it-yourself paper products and fantastically illustrated children’s pop-up books

New York, NY (November 30, 2009)

With the anticipated exhibition Slash: Paper under the Knife opening at the Museum of Arts and Design on October 14, The Store at MAD is jumping on board in the celebration of paper art, showcasing products from three of the artists featured in Slash ― Mia Pearlman, Rob Ryan, and Beatrice Coron — as well as a variety of other paper made items from other international artists.

The Store commissioned Mia Pearlman and Rob Ryan to create paper design products to be sold exclusively through the Store during the exhibition. Pearlman, who is known for her swirling storm-like paper installations, has produced VOLUTA, a flat piece of laser cut material that allows people to create their own luminous, three dimensional paper sculptures. Each VOLUTA will be signed, numbered and sold in The Store for $195.

Slash artist Rob Ryan has collaborated with The Store to create a line of environmentally clean tote bags and greeting cards. His bags will sell in The Store for $14.95 and are available in four different colors. His book, This is for You will also be available in The Store. Slash artist Beatrice Coron’s I Luv NY space projector casts a startling show on any wall or floor of shadowy images moving through the streets of New York. The whimsical scenes are crafted through paper-cut animation and are sold with the projector exclusively at The Store for $148.00.

The Store is also offering a myriad of other dynamic paper design products including a variety of interactive do-it-yourself items such as Sac A Faire – a durable, stylish paper bag available in different designs to be cut out and assembled, intricate cutout paper rings and paper cards from Tithi Kutchamuch, and a slew of children’s pop up books, unfolding with fantastical illustrations.

In keeping with the Museum’s mission to explore how craft, art and design intersect, The Store at MAD offers products that preserve the essence of the made-by-hand process. “Although many of the designers and artists represented at The Store utilize the latest design technologies, their final product has not lost its connection to the hand and soul of their creator,” states Franci Sagar, VP and Director of Retail and Brand Development, The Store at MAD. “Unique products that celebrate materials and the transformative processes through which artists and designers create objects are at the core of our presentation.”

Products exclusive to The Store at MAD include work from many international destinations known for their celebration of natural materials and workmanship including England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Japan. The Store offers a well-curated selection of products that range from jewelry to glass, ceramics to wood, home design and fashion accessories as well as a compelling collection of cards, stationary, children’s products and books.

The Museum of Arts and Design explores how craftsmanship, art, and design intersect in the visual arts today. The Museum focuses on contemporary creativity and the ways in which artists and designers from around the world transform materials through processes ranging from the handmade to cutting edge technologies.

The Museum’s exhibition program explores and illuminates issues and ideas, highlights creativity and craftsmanship, and celebrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques when used by creative and innovative artists. MAD’s permanent collection is global in scope and focuses on art, craft, and design from 1950 to the present day.

At the center of the Museum’s mission is education. The Museum’s dynamic new facility features classrooms and studios for master classes, seminars, and workshops for students, families and adults. Three open artist studios engage visitors in the creative processes of artists at work and enhance the exhibition programs. Lectures, films, performances and symposia related to the Museum’s collection and topical subjects affecting the world of contemporary art, craft and design are held in a renovated 150-seat auditorium.

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