Jin Ah Jo

Jin Ah Jo is a contemporary jeweler living and working in Melbourne, Australia. For her, making jewelry is all about creating wearable unpredicted forms.

Jo's process leverages her cross-cultural experiences of being born in Korea and studying, living and working in Germany and Australia. She emigrated from South Korea to Australia in 2000 and also studied in Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, University of Applied Science in Germany in 2006.Then, Jo finished a Masters of Fine Art (Metals and Jewelry design) at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in 2008.

Jo forms perforated mild steel, often used for industrial or architectural purposes, into sharp geometric structures. This transforms the steel from its manufacturing origins into a wearable piece of contemporary jewelry that explores form and space. For the last couple of years she has introduced colors on her works (blue, red and green) and mixes them with matte black steel and precious materials.

She describes her work as reconstructed and deconstructed art forms that reflect multiple cultural experiences.

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