Helmi Lindblom

A Finnish jewelry artist and self-taught tattooist, Helmi Lindblom is fascinated by the beauty in oddity. She aims to evoke a sense of wonder through her work, often using mixed media with a pinch of goldsmithing. Her series “Ode to Cloudberries” originated in the need for pale colors, after what the artist describes as “a year filled with loud cries of sadness and happiness, play and children’s toys in rainbow colors.” Her work became compassionate, almost fragile, and grew into a series merging maternity with her artist identity. “Cloudberries” is a discussion of materials (shells and balloons), but the focus remains on their tactile poetry. The color palette, inspired by Lindblom’s daughter’s sunlit ears, took on an orange tinge, a metaphor for the cloudberry as it ripens.


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