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Alena Willroth

Czech-born, Berlin-based jeweler Alena Willroth’s collection Slast (Czech for bliss) comprises of work that enchant with magical lines. Her patterns develop out of the interplay between carefully premeditated designs and the inherent willfulness of her materials; the weightless and delicate nature of her work allows even opulent forms to appear light and spare. Willroth’s bias for the aesthetics of natural microforms gave shape to her jewelry: In search of unorthodox methods of expression, she developed a new welding process that allows her to form intricate pieces from polyethylene foils. A pencil drawing is traced to foil, so Willroth can hand-cut it with a surgical knife, and heat and pressure bring the pieces to their final form. During this process, the material exerts its will to influence the outcome, resulting in a marriage of design and faith and making every piece unique.

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