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Yoshiyuki Minami

2017 Artist In Residence

Yoshiyuki Minami

Yoshiyuki Minami uses and advances manual textile-making techniques to create cloth that he turns into one-of-a-kind garments. He restricts himself to using sustainable, locally sourced materials and employs spontaneity to dictate his work, critically assessing and developing processes for each of his designs. 

While at MAD, Minami will perform the creation of a cacophonic jacket, using various local materials. He will use “shape-weaving” on the loom, a method of his own development, while allowing the cloth to form its design spontaneously. Some yarn will be dyed with local materials without the use of mordants, while some will be spindle-spun.

Minami has a BA in Sociology with a sub-concentration in Economics, Work, and Society from the University of Michigan. He took part in the Artists in Residence program at Textile Arts Center in 2014–2015. For more information, please visit:

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