Born a collector to a family of collectors, Peter Cole is interested in the psychology and visual impact of accumulation and excess. Extremely thrifty, he has nearly always used found and available materials in his work, from aluminum to cloth to wood to toys and objects. These materials usually coalesce into a Power Figure, offering comment on both society and culture.

For the residency at MAD, Cole brought five collections of items to resolve into sculptures, among them toy cars, three pounds of vintage handkerchiefs, and every white object in his studio. A by-product of the residency was that he explained away his need to obsessively collect and arrange objects, and currently does not practice assemblage in this way.

Cole received his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and his BA from Middlebury College. He has been the recipient of a grant and several artist residencies. For more information please visit his website: www.cargocollective.com/petercole.

Current Studio Artists

Brigitta Varadi, Mixed Media, Tuesday

Anthony Iacono, Paper Collage, Wednesday

Jamie Boyle, Fiber/Mixed Media, Thursday

Chang Yuchen, Fiber, Friday

Rachel Grobstein, Mixed Media Sculpture, Saturday

Maryam Turkey, Mixed Media Design, Sunday

Tamara Santibañez, Mixed Media, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

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