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Patrice Renee Washington

2016 Artist In Residence

Patrice Renee Washington’s work exists somewhere within the space of thwarted potential and clumsy optimism.  Often using humor and the sometimes uncomfortable convergence of materials, she pieces together new mythologies reinterpreting the domestic and historic.  Her objects often find themselves in peculiar relationships with one another, pushing the boundaries of usefulness, functionality and irreverence.

 While in residence at MAD, Washington will be working predominantly in clay producing work aimed at the investigation of domestic and public spaces as they relate to the cultural inclusion/non-inclusion of bodies.  Namely, she will be creating sculptures that address social and cultural use and exploring functionality in a utilitarian sense.

Washington received her MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and her BFA in Sculpture from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She has been featured in several exhibitions throughout the United States and is an instructor at the 92nd St YMCA. For more information please visit her website:

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