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Nick Leonoff

2016 Artist In Residence


Nick Leonoff creates blown glass using the Swedish overlay technique that inverts one bubble of glass over another to generate layers of color.  He then uses cold-working techniques that carve into the glass to create richly complex and textured sculptural forms.  Leonoff is drawn to the luminescent, translucent, and opaque qualities of glass that allow for brilliant ranges of color and gradient. 

In the Artist Studios, Leonoff will be exploring ways to use small “scrap pieces” of glass from his sculptures in innovative ways.  This will include using a glass carving lathe and considering different ways to finish these new creations that range from jewelry settings and arranging wall installations to experimenting with lighting fixtures.

Leonoff received his AA in Business Administration from Monterey Peninsula College and his BS in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.  Leonoff, who has also studied extensively at a variety of glass schools, exhibits nationally and is the owner of Leonoff Art Glass. For more information please visit his website:

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