Luam Melake’s recent studio practice is focused on handweaving mixed-media wall hangings, in which she explores the representation of emotional content through abstract compositions, textures, and materials that have strong associative powers. These materials range from common objects to industrial materials informed by her furniture design practice, such as metals, cement, and rubber.

As a resident at MAD, Melake aims to produce a series of four unique wall hangings that each represent a different emotional or narrative concept. One wall hanging will be produced for each month of the residency, based on a feeling or thought that dominated the preceding month. MAD visitors will help to inform Melake’s next work in the series through conversations about their associations with materials. 

Melake earned a BA in Architecture with a minor in Art History at the University of California, Berkeley. For more information, please visit: www.luammelake.com.

Current Studio Artists

Emily Oliveira , Interdisciplinary, Tuesday

Emiko Shinozaki , Metal Jewelry, Wednesday

Katya Grokhovsky , Installation, Thursday

Andrew Bearnot , Sculpture and Performance, Friday

Dana Melamed , Mixed-Media Sculpture, Saturday

Esperanza Cortés , Mixed-Media Sculpture, Sunday

Xin Liu , Technology, Tuesday–Saturday

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