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Kate Clements

2015 Artist In Residence

Pink Frame

Kate Clements is a glass artist whose work blurs the boundaries between body and object, beauty and repugnance, outer and inner.  She aims to show the interplay between fashion and modernity and how taste, even ‘bad’ taste, can be celebrated and mimicked by different social spheres.

Fashion, adornment, and ornament have vicious lifecycles whereby newness is simultaneously associated with death and demise. At MAD, Clements continues her explorations of rendering glass to read as ice, sugar, honey, and even caviar, which reference these lifecycles. She draws and sculpts with frit glass and also experiments with upholstery and natural materials such as fresh flowers and fruit.

Clements received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and recently completed her MFA in Glass at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she was awarded a University Fellowship.  For more information on Clements, visit her website:

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