Greg Climer’s work focuses on how traditional crafts can be augmented, re-imagined, or challenged by new technologies in a way that marries traditional crafts with modern tools. Climer separates the means of making from the outcome of making in the hopes of deepening our understanding about the objects we make and why we make them.

In the Artist Studios, Climer is combining two of his ongoing projects - the knitted film and digital quilts - to create a 15-frame quilted short animation.  Climer designs his quilts in Photoshop, then digitally prints them onto cotton before sewing them together. Visitors will experience a diverse mix of activities with Climer ranging from quilting and seeing files created on a computer to being able to use their own phones to reveal hidden images.

Climer received his BA in Theatre and Design at Rollins College and his MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design.  He currently works as the Associate Director of First-Year Education and Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Parsons.  Climer also has an active practice as a designer. For more information please visit his website: www.index-and-site.org.

Current Studio Artists

Brigitta Varadi, Mixed Media, Tuesday

Anthony Iacono, Paper Collage, Wednesday

Jamie Boyle, Fiber/Mixed Media, Thursday

Chang Yuchen, Fiber, Friday

Rachel Grobstein, Mixed Media Sculpture, Saturday

Maryam Turkey, Mixed Media Design, Sunday

Tamara Santibañez, Mixed Media, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

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