Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival

A selection of new films exploring the human relationship with glass and film.

Presenting new work from 42 female-identified and non-binary filmmakers representing more than 20 countries, the Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival will stream virtually for free from March 20 through April 5, with film screenings and commissioned works premiering on a daily basis. Movement, physicality, and a type of muscle-memory choreography are inherent to the glass-making process, resulting in an increased comingling of glass and performance over the last decade. Using glass as the predominant feature, these artists tell stories of how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill.  

Highlighting MAD’s commitment to artists working with glass in innovative ways, the Museum is an international partner of Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival, a cross-continental collaboration organized by North Lands Creative, Scotland and also supported by Japan’s Toyama Glass Museum. As partners of the festival, the Museum of Arts and Design and the Toyama Glass Art Museum will present associated programming during the festival and throughout the year. 

2021 Glass, Meet the Future Filmmakers

Abigail Reynolds, Flux (2019-2020), UK 
Agnieszka Aleksandra Bar, Growth (2020), Poland,
Alejandra Cardenas, Ale Hop - La Procesión (2020), Germany/Peru
Amy F W Corcoran, Stronger than Glass (2020), UK
Andie Brown, Alucita II (2020), UK,
Angela Davies, Light Choreographies (2017), UK
Anne Brodie, Lockdown (2020), UK,
Bre'Annah Stampley, Untitled (2020), US,
Brina Steblovnik, The glass stories (2021), Slovenia,
Caroline Landau, Archiving Ice: Newfoundland (2019/2020), US
Chinyurin, Mika, (2020), China
Eve Vd Zand, Put on trail, (2019/2020), Netherlands
Fumi Amano, Voice (2017), US
Ghazel Hasan Abunemeh, untitled (2020) Jordan
Grace Whiteside, The Home Shaver Commercial (2019), US
Ingrid Elizabeth Martínez Buendía, Conjunctiva (2020), Mexico
Jennifer Hand, Perfect (Lift Like a Princess) (2017-2019), US
Jessalyn Mailoa, Harus Berani, (2020) US
Karine Portal, Vulnerables (2018), France
Kazue Taguchi, Inspired by Stained glass (2019), US
Madeline Rile Smith, Timeless (2021), US
Maria A. Frantzsen, Expressions of Breath 3 / vS12 (2018), Norway 
Michèle Lapointe, The Lockdown Dream (2020), Canada
Minako Shirakura, yoseteha kaesu (2021), Japan,
Mollie McKinley, The Unbaptism (2019-20), US
Muriel Uribe, Aranda Ortega, Sin Instrucciones (2021), Mexico,
Pilar Panzarasa, PAV3 (2019), Argentina
Priska Jacobs, Mountain Lake Secrets (2021), Switzerland,
Priya Naresh, Imaginary Homes (2020), India
Romina Gonzales, Flammable Statement No 2 (2019), Peru/US
Sandra Bacchi, Seeking Nowhere (2021), US
Sofia Cianciulli, Digital Feelings, (2020), UK
Stella Brajterman, AVA (2020), Brazil
Te Rongo Kirkwood, Pounamu, a Maori Glass Practice (2021), New Zealand
Vanessa Hafenbrädl, Zugspitze in Glass (2021), Germany
Ying Chiun Lee, Seduction, (2020), Taiwan

Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival’s US presentation and the associated programming at MAD are co-curated by curator of collections Samantha De Tillio and Lydia Brawner, associate curator of public programs.  

Glass, Meet the Future Film Festival is made possible by the British Council Scotland and Creative Scotland as part of the UK in Japan.

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