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Fabiola Jean-Louis

Artist In Residence 2017

Fabiola Jean-Louis

Fabiola Jean-Louis’ work is an inquiry into social change as it relates to race. Her work speaks to the shocking treatment of blacks throughout history, yet it is also filled with a vision of hope, resilience, and justice for the future. Jean-Louis celebrates black and brown female bodies through haunting photographic essays and paper sculptures that are styled like the garments worn by female European nobility between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

At MAD, Jean-Louis will continue her “Rewriting History” series by focusing on paper sculptures that are two-dimensional. These sculptures will remain completely white to invoke curiosity and conversation among guests. In this work, Jean-Louis is interested in exploring the feelings associated with seeing a previously worn, vintage garment and the connections these garments make with respect to human life, specifically black lives.

Jean-Louis attended Nova Southeastern University. For more information, please visit:

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