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Cristina Dias

2016 Artist In Residence

Cristina Dias is an artist inspired by nature. From a fascination with carnivorous plants to the need to translate organisms into ambiguous forms, she invites visitors to take a fresh look at surfaces, textures, colors and forms in a new way. 

At MAD, Dias is exploring ways to push the interactive nature of her work by inviting visitors to engage with her creative process as she works on her ongoing series Criatura. In this series, materials such as wire, fibers and magnets are embedded into pigmented silicone. This allows for pieces that are flexible and that can be arranged into different compositions, making Dias’ wearable art both versatile and playful.

Dias received her BFA in 3D/Metals from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, and has also taken classes at Opere International Jewelry School, Netherlands, and University of Brasilia, Brazil. She also has a Certificate in Arts Administration from New York University. For more information please visit her website:

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