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Andrew Bearnot

2018 Artist In Residence

A self-described materialist with a background in materials science and traditional craft media, Andrew Bearnot explores the aesthetic potential and technical intricacies of the material world. He is interested broadly in technologies of making and specifically in craftsmanship as a way of both encoding and producing knowledge. His practice focuses on the matter and material culture of the everyday, questioning how the familiar can become unfamiliar, and how objects come into and out of being.

At MAD, Bearnot will consider the themes present in the Grimms’ tale of Hansel and Gretel, namely the dangers of desire and consumption. He will engage these themes through sugar-sculpting techniques, translating hair and meat into pulled sugar candy.

Bearnot holds an MFA in Visual Art from the University of Chicago, a BA with Honors in Glass from Rhode Island School of Design, and an ScB in Materials Engineering from Brown University. For more information, please visit:

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